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I'm 30 years old and have suffered with progressive nerve pain that started in right groin during 6th month of pregnancy 5 years ago. During that time, I saw dozens of orthopedic, pain management, and neurological physicians. They all had different diagnosis' and all advised me that the pain going down my leg is something I would have to live with and I shouldn't have anymore children. After discovering the Tarlov Cysts on an MRI, we researched and found Dr. Shaya. He personally responded to my emails almost immediately and we spoke several times on the phone. He made it to where we would only have to travel to see him one time for the surgery (if we felt comfortable after the appointment). After 5 years of unrelenting nerve pain, I woke up from surgery with the leg pain completely gone. Dr. Shaya also said he sees no reason we can't have another child. He changed our lives and we are forever grateful for his kind but exquisite expertise. As well as eagerness to help. Thank you, Dr. Shaya! 

From 2001 to 2010 I suffered excruciating sciatica pain that shot down through my right leg whenever I placed any weight on the leg longer than 45 seconds. For years I've tried physical therapy to stop the pain but nothing worked and some therapies made the pain worse. In 2010 Dr. Shaya diagnosed me as having an L4 veretebra displaced by 20% from it's normal position impinging on the right sided nerves. He operated on my L4 and L5 area and totally eliminated my pain. Not only did he stop the sciatica, but the elimination of that pain relaxed a series of connected muscles and joints in my back, shoulders and neck bringing an end to the chronic tightness in those three parts of my body, increasing my range of motion and halting secondary pain I had in those areas.

- Raymond Collins, Miami, FL

I had an operation with Dr. Shaya in September for lumbar spinal stenosis. Before the surgery, I had terrible pain for 5 weeks and the pain in my legs was unbearable. I saw Dr. Shaya in consultation and shortly thereafter I had my surgery. I was enrolled in aquatic therapy after I was discharged from the hospital. Now I am working again and walking without a cane. I am grateful that Dr. Shaya was in charge of my care. Without a doubt, he is a great physician. Thank you Dr. Shaya and staff!

- Francisco Gonzalez, MD

I am an Iraq war veteran and I injured my back during my deployment to Iraq in 2009. I was in constant pain and discomfort. Upon my return, I had an MRI which showed several herniations in my lumbar and thoracic area. I was referred to Dr. Shaya by my military care physician, in addition to several of my fellow soldiers had been treated by Dr. Shaya, and all expressed the positive outcomes they experienced. Dr. Shaya's office staff was awesome in getting me to see him right away and were always helpful with any needs I had. After my first visit, Dr. Shaya recommended several treatment modalities as I was initially hesitant to undergo surgery. Dr. Shaya took the time and displayed a lot of patience in explaining my condition, the prognosis, and any potential treatment, always reassuring me and my family every step of the way. As my symptoms worsened, I decided on surgery which went extremely well. Dr. Shaya displayed a genuine caring attitude with attention to the smallest details. He took the time to visit me everyday which is not customary these days. Today, I am pain free thanks to the professional, committed and caring attitude that he and his team displayed toward me and my family. I would recommend Dr. Shaya to my family, friends, and fellow soldiers without any hesitation.

- Victor M.

I experienced a herniated disc at L5-S1 that resulted in excruciating pain all along the back of my right leg with numbness throughout. Dr. Mark Shaya performed a laminectomy at North Shore Medical Center and almost immediately after my surgery my pain was completely gone and the numbness completely disappeared. It has been two years since I had this surgery, and I have experienced no recurrence of either pain or numbness. I am an avid golfer and was able to return to the course soon after and am now back to playing golf on a regular basis. My golf game has never been better.

- Manny Linares, CEO of North Shore Medical Center

I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere appreciation to Dr. Mark Shaya and his staff for the outstanding support and medical care they provide me. About six months ago, Dr. Shaya conducted a Laminectomy/Screw fusion on my lower back, which was a result of an injury I sustained during my deployment in Afghanistan. I could not have asked for a better procedure and care. As an active person, I was able in less than six months to do spinning, walk and run 2 miles, since the pre-operation, operation and recovery went a lot better than I expected. The operation was done at Mount Sinai Medical with the best medical staff I have ever seen before.  Thank you for everything.

-Ruben E. Rodriguez

I am 52 years old, was weighing 335 pounds, my height was 6’3 inches and I had abused my body from early age with sports and accidents, leaving me with intolerable back pain and no quality of life.  When deliberating surgery, I did my research and was glad to have found the right surgeon for me, Dr. Mark Shaya. Dr. Shaya is a neurosurgeon that once you meet him you can see and feel a great deal of confidence in his abilities, but yet he is a gentle and peaceful man, exactly what you would want when undergoing a serious surgery in your back or neck. His office staff makes you feel as if you were part of their family. Throughout the post surgical experience, he has always made me feel that any questions or doubts, his doors are always open for me. During my recovery process he has always been able to tell me what I would be feeling next and the time it would take for it to happen. It’s been great knowing I can ask him about any feeling I have in my back and get a response that actually does come true.  All I can say is that since my back surgery I have lost 30 pounds, my back is doing a great deal better and I feel I am getting my life back to normal. I would strongly recommend Dr. Mark Shaya to anyone that needs back or neck surgery and is looking for a better quality of life. Dr. Shaya in my opinion is the BEST!

-Mario Espino

I am 32 years old and decided to have surgery with Dr. Shaya. He did a laminectomy and fusion in L4, L5-S1. I had a herniated disc and before surgery I had pain in the sciatic nerve, tingling sensation, and I lost strength in my left leg. After one month of surgery, I am pain free, walking with pretty much all mobility, and already working out with a personal trainer doing exercises in the gym (seated). I have to thank Dr. Shaya very much for his great job and care with my back. I appreciate having my quality of life back again.

-Diogo Cavalcanti

This surgery was wonderful. All my pain disappeared and I now walk straight. The staff is very wonderful and cooperative. Thank you Dr. Shaya and your staff.

-Carlos Castany

I am 32 years old and have been dealing with three herniated discs for 12 years. The pain was "knee buckling" for weeks at a time. Doctor Shaya immediately described my injuries with an automatic solution. He was very confident that I would continue with my athletic activities within a month. Well, it has been a month now and I am ready to tee it up! Thank you Doctor. Job well done!

-John Carlozzi

After 20 years of pain and numbness due to a neck injury, Dr. Shaya was highly recommended. When I came in for my first consult, I knew he was the right surgeon. Dr. Shaya plated C5, C6, C7, and I had instant relief. The recovery for me was pain free. I have regained full range of motion and have had no pain or numbness. I would do this surgery again, but only with Dr. Shaya. Thank you to staff and Dr. Shaya himself. It has been life changing.

-Walker Howren

I am so grateful for Dr. Shaya. The surgery was a big success. I am walking and getting more mobile day by day. At 83 years old, it feels great.

-Marion Martin

I had surgery on the C5, C6, and C7 discs on Tuesday and I was home on Thursday and back to work within ten days. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Shaya, the surgery, and the short recuperation time. Dr. Shaya is very efficient, knowledgeable and talented in his area of neurosurgery. I recommend him to anyone who has any neck or back pain. He can make a difference in your life; he did in mine!

-Jamie Valenzuela, R.T. Northshore Hospital

By my experience with Dr. Shaya, I would say he is the best; #1 in Neurosurgery. I had put my trust in him the first time I spoke with him. I would recommend him to anyone.

-Yvette Pascual, C.N.A, University of Miami Hospital

In 2008 after from suffering with extreme lower back pain for 8 months and being treated by several different doctors for various suspected ailments, I had an MRI and myelogram. I was then diagnosed with a rate and large symptomatic Tarlov Cyst. I was told by a VERY experienced neurosurgeon that my condition was incurable. I then saw another VERY experienced neurosurgeon and was told that he had never done this operation before. I then contacted Dr. Shaya's office and incredibly he saw me the next day! Dr. Shaya is experienced in doing Tarlov Cyst operations and agreed to operate on me in 3 weeks. He has literally given me my life back. My wife, my children, my grandchildren and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Shaya for his expertise and willingness to accept me as a patient. Thanks also to Dr. Shaya's office staff for their kind and caring attitude at a time when I really needed it. You have all made a big and very positive difference in my life.

-Ken Wilde

Dr. Shaya has been great! I had major problems with my neck and lower back after returning from Iraq in 2009. I tried everything to avoid surgery but nothing worked. I was referred by Dr. Shaya by my primary physician. After talking with Dr. Shaya and a few other military members that he performed surgery on, I decided to have the surgery. Dr. Shaya performed surgery on my neck then one year later on my back. I no longer feel the pressure, pain, and tingling I was having. Dr. Shaya and his office staff are first class and I recommend him to anyone considering surgery.

-Charles Lenoir

I was in such horrible neck pain that radiated down my arms. The nerves in my fingers and hands were trembling and I was unable to hold things. I spoke with several doctors in Port St. Lucie and they recommended either John Hopkins or Dr. Mark Shaya. I felt so secure with his explanation. I chose Dr. Shaya. He admitted me right away and the pain was gone in my arms the day of the surgery. In about one week, I was up and moving; pain free and the shaking of my arms/fingers and the numbness were gone! He is a fantastic surgeon. I recommend the drive no matter where you live to receive the best neurosurgeon in the country. He changed my life. Thank you Dr.Shaya and his wonderful staff!!

-Darlene Hoffman

Dr. Shaya has been GREAT! After dealing with pain in my lower back for quite some time, I was referred to him by a co-worker. I had surgery on a Friday at Aventura Hospital and Dr. Shaya was there to follow-up with me Saturday night. He checked my wound and made sure I was fine. My pain has completely gone away thanks to him. I would definitely recommend him to others.

-Richard Contreras


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